Bullion Orders

Mountain High Coins and Jewelry, has dealt in the bullion trade since our opening in 1984. Our highly experienced team of professionals are here to help you Invest, Sell, or even just talk with you about all things Bullion. Our deep roots in the bullion industry allow us to provide you with some of the best prices available. We are currently implementing a purchase order method to purchase bullion over the phone straight from your home anywhere in the world. 

Here's how it works.. 

When you want to make a purchase, Call us at 541-385-7113. A Mountain High Representative will take your call. Explain to the representative the exact amount of Bullion you would like to order. Next, the representative will explain our purchase methods and payment structure. You will have to provide payment over the phone. We except all major Credit Cards or Cash/Personal Check in person at our retail store location. After your order is processed, if experiencing high order volumes, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next available Bullion to be Shipped or picked up by you.  

- All orders come with official Coin Safe Capsule or Tube protection.